2 Dreams

2 Dreams“ is an episodical, atmospheric puzzle adventure in the world of dreams.


It’s available on the App Store now (in English and German).



There is the saying the hardest thing in making games is to finish them. I think that is true. So if you are starting a side project it is especially important to limit yourself. It felt natural to follow a minimal concept.

2 Dreams lives by its restrictions. It focusses on quite abstract art and design and concentrates on the crazy ideas dreams are made of. It takes you on a journey with the narrator who is experiencing a recurring dream. Where will it go? What does it mean?

Although the overarching story already seems to be there there, the development of 2 Dreams is ongoing.  2 Dreams is an episodical adventure. At the end of each episode the player is presented with a puzzle that is not solvable within the current episode. Instead (s)he can make creative suggestions on Twitter how to proceed. The best ideas will influence the direction the game will take.

It’s an experiment and I don’t know if it will work. But I am looking forward to it and I will be glad about everyone who will support it.

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