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The first reviews of 2 Dreams are coming in:

 writes for 148Apps.com: “Surreal, unique, and original, 2 Dreams is an intriguing narrative adventure puzzler that is a special kind of game.” I really love the depth of the review. It’s meaning a lot to me.

Owen Faraday did a little interview on Pockettactics and says: “We’re talking about 2 Dreams, his surreal new iOS game — his first video game — and 2014′s most inventive game yet.

On the German site Fritz.de they say: “2 Dreams ist nicht nur clever, der Nerd-Humor ist auch wirklich unterhaltsam.“ (2 dreams isn’t just clever the nerd humor is really entertaining).

There are some people who pointed out similarities to Device 6. I had not been aware of this app until very recently but I have to admit it is the same gerne. If anybody can claim this genre even exists: A narrative reality bending puzzle adventure.

Several weeks ago I gave a talk about the development of the game. I had caught me off guard that I had to hold it in English so please prepare for a bumpy ride.

P.S. I am working on my next project at the moment that maybe a fresh take on the infamous Eliza experiment. Stay tuned.

2 dreams support mail: zeitweise@137b.org

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