2 Dreams

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What’s inside the box?

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54 Antworten auf 2 Dreams

  1. Yash Choksi sagt:

    Hi, I’m Yash Choksi, a design student from Mumbai, India. I thoroughly enjoyed your game. Thank you so much for the experience. Please do continue making things like this.

    • Lucas sagt:

      i’m brazilian. I dream about the box, I was at a red park and I see the box and over I approached the opened box ,on the side of the box had a red door with someone trying to open And finaly I see a victrola inside playing the same music that is playing through the game .

  2. Bhavani Singh Yadav sagt:

    Does the game ended after the red door chapter.,.??? Or something is more..???

  3. Dana Santos sagt:

    I opened the box. Fucking shit! Inside, I saw Joan Rivers‘ real nose

  4. Tássila Marina Soares da Silva sagt:

    There is bones

  5. Palak Navdiwala sagt:

    Your app the repeat of every moment when I installed it…I guess it’s um AMAZING!!!

  6. Bruno sagt:

    I saw myself floating in a cold dark sky.

  7. Chan Lik Hon sagt:

    There is a red door inside the box.

  8. OMG sagt:

    It’s full of newly idea. I remembered the hollywood movie „the sell“. The movie made by the director who called „visual monster.“ N I remembered too ios app „nihilumbia.“
    The sphinx’s question was hard.

  9. Samanta sagt:

    After the first piece of page collected in the pyramid, I can’t go anywhere. It keeps on taking me from the book to the pyramid and back. No other choices. Where am I wrong? Can you give me any clues?

  10. Mo M sagt:

    Inside the box i saw all of my taboos and deepest desires.. Interesting, really interesting app. I wish there was more app like this one. An app that actually does make sense. That has a purpose. Not like flappy bird, clash of clans or that kardashian app. Thank you for your work.

  11. The Voice sagt:

    When I opened the box, there was everything I wanted most and everything I hated most wrapped into one. When I tried to touch it, it exploded all around me, showing me images I had couldn’t have dreamed of made sense of. Then, the box swallowed me whole, the images pushing and pushing me deeper and deeper…. And then it closed. And it locked. And the red door swung open.

  12. Marina sagt:

    I like so much your idea, it’s unusual and very very interesting.

    Inside a box I saw…

    The future. And there are transporter machines :3

  13. Bruno sagt:

    I saw shit!!

  14. Junior sagt:

    I am Brazilian and I found your awesome app! Congratulations! I am waiting for new episodes!

    • Julia sagt:

      Cara, eu não consegui passar da parte onde tem que descobrir o código das letras, bem no início, que tem uma nave espacial e tal, aí tem que achar a letra certa até descobrir o código, mas quando se descobre todas fica faltando a ultima, que ta bloqueada. Não consegui descobrir como fazer com esta ultima letra!

  15. Guilherme sagt:

    Hi, I am Guilherme from Brazil!!

    I really enjoyed your game, it’s amazing, and make you turn off yourself of the world for a half hour! It’s fantastic!!

    Please, continue doing it, and maybe, think about translating Dreams 2, one time that in my family just me knows how to speak English, and I think that people just speak Portuguese should have this unforgettable experience!!

    If you have some interesting in doing something in Portuguese I could help you, and more one time, thank you to make me dream with my eyes opened!!

    Inside the box, I saw the possibility to feel good things, being alive, awake, and with a cellphone in my hands, what is almost impossible to feel it without being sleeping!! Hahah

    A big hug,
    Guilherme Casagrande

  16. Willem Boudestein sagt:

    I saw a flying teapot

  17. Courdell sagt:

    Great experience story line pulls you right away at times I was struck but I did finish the game in ruffle 30 mins. I would love to see more puzzle game development. I found it educational with the planets but the pyramids was the cherry on top. Thank you to the development team.

  18. G sagt:

    Epic app i loved it hope you make another one!!! 🙂

  19. Quinncy Kalyzniak sagt:

    What I saw was…I…I couldn’t believe it, a copy for a beta that all homestucks knew about


    I beg you to not open the box, if that game comes to our realm…it will destroy those whom do not play it

  20. Igor sagt:

    When i oppened my box there was happines but everytime i tried to catch it, it run away like water them a sadness came, and that sadness i could catch it and do everything i wanted with it them i mixed the sadness and the happiness there was something that i couldn’t understand after waking up i was crying but it wasn’t a cry of happiness ou sadness, it was something that i never felt before.

  21. Stephen sagt:

    A wonderful experience. Always good to get through these Apps….. A sign that the brain is still operating perfectly well.
    Through the red door, I saw ‚The Shadow of the Wind‘ by Zafon…..

  22. Ryu sagt:

    When I opened the box there was the nothing & a light… I dreamt of this and had a nightmare, because it doesn’t make any sense.
    But awesome app!!! 🙂


  23. Daniel sagt:

    I’m not really sure how to open the box. It said at the end that I have to press a button after 47 seconds. I did this, then it said I had to press it after 48 seconds. I really don’t know what to do and I’m stuck. Can someone please tell me what to do?

  24. Por sagt:

    I saw my friends there… a bit creepy..

  25. Visitor sagt:

    I played your game and ı had enjoy but the game’s end is very interesting and very mysterious I’m looking for the night. But please Change the game’s end
    From Turkiye

  26. Mariona sagt:

    Hi! I’ve started playing your amazing game but it doesn’t let me pass from the sheep behind the church part, what do I have to do?

  27. Sebastiaan van der Wal sagt:

    ok, thanks for the experience! you can make the puzzles more difficult though….

  28. Kingpin sagt:

    Hi, tolle app die beste die ich habe.

    Ich sah in der box einen schlüssel und als ich ihn aufhob sah ich das passende schlüsselloch darunter.
    Ich öffnete es mit dem schlüssel und es sog mich komplett rein, und ich fiel wieder in den gleichen traum.

    Danke für diese wundervolle app.

  29. Aviral sagt:

    An excellent game!!! Keep it up and keep making more games like these!

  30. Andi sagt:

    Ich komme bei der komischen Maschine mit den Zahnrädern und den Bällen nicht weiter. Kann mir jemand helfen? Danke!

    Super App! Endlich mal was komplett Neues!

  31. Miguel sagt:

    I am from MEX. I saw a deep but red space…

  32. YouL sagt:

    The red dolor is the path to the conscience, inside the box is the gift to be aware of life

  33. Art sagt:

    The box was a music box, with all the music I liked and all the music I would like in the future an all the music I had liked in the past.

  34. Joe sagt:

    Inside the box I saw myself opening a box in which I was opening another box, and so on… endlessly

  35. Mich sagt:

    This game is AWESOME!!

    I’m still trying to dream of the red door every night!

    Greetings from Spain.

  36. anonim sagt:

    I’m bloked on a level, the one which goes after de piramid. is a machine with white ball
    it sais: the next to the last obstacle
    but Ithink i must push the button , but… HOW!!

  37. Mattia sagt:

    Really beautiful app, in the box there was a red door with a box in it, which had another red door inside with another box etc. D:

  38. Frank sagt:

    Thank you for this nice Game. My 7 years daughter played it with me. We Love it. Smooth scrolling on iPad 3.
    I will Show it to My wife in next days. Is there a Android Version ? ( for her Kindle 😉

  39. Ruben y Omar sagt:

    Estuvo excelente tu juego nos pareció al principio algo creepy pero lo disfrutamos bastante

  40. Dirk sagt:

    Sehr schönes Konzept. Etwas anderes zu präsentieren ist nicht einfach. Dafür ein geoßes Lob. Zu wünschen bleibt nur, das es weitere bzw. Erweiterungen gibt. Vielen Dank für diese Art der Unterhaltung.

  41. Enzo Viera sagt:

    I saw ……nathing

  42. Jackie sagt:

    I saw the truth…….

  43. Fernando Hedding sagt:

    Inside the box I found the worst of my fears, all reunited, but also the force and strongness to fifth the all, it was a heavy and difficult night, but it was awesome! Incredible game!!!

  44. Victoria sagt:

    I have the german App. It was a wonderful expierience. Thank you for this time, where I played this App. Thank you so much 😀

  45. Sabrina sagt:

    I walked through my door into an all white and super bright room and when I opened my box the room went black and inside the box where hundreds of bright white pills

  46. Jonathan sagt:

    This game makes me dream weird things but it’s good weird things

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