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Attika World Ranking

This page is intended for the World Ranking of Attika. As soon as the first tournaments have been you will find a list with the best players here. Results after March, 2018 Match 1: 1: Egoitz Campo 3 points (2 – … Weiterlesen

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Unity Skybox Gradient Shader without Banding

Gradients Last week I’ve been tweaking a three color gradient skybox shader. It works fine with bright colors but when you go dark, ugly banding appears. The visibility of the artifacts depends on light conditions. You may not see it … Weiterlesen

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One Button Travel Trailer

Aga Lison and I are working hard on finishing One Button Travel our new game for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Like with Rules! we are working together with TheCodingMonkeys as a publisher again.

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Swift 2.0: Pitfalls mixing protocol extensions and inheritance

This post refers to Swift 2.0, beta 6: Protocol extensions are great to provide default behavior for a protocol. But beware. They expose some dangerous traits when used in combination with inheritance. //: Playground import UIKit protocol Winable:class { func win() -> … Weiterlesen

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Rules! hits the iOS App Store

After six month of hard work Rules! is ready for launch. On it’s first day it has been number 1 of all paid apps in Germany and we were featured all around the world. It’s an exciting time. Website: … Weiterlesen

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Short notes

2 Dreams will be shown at AmazeFest next week. It made the Shortlist for the „Most Amazing Game“ by the way. I am working on a new project: Rules! If you want to learn more about it you can meet … Weiterlesen

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2 Dreams – Game Design Dojo

The first reviews of 2 Dreams are coming in: Lucy Ingram writes for “Surreal, unique, and original, 2 Dreams is an intriguing narrative adventure puzzler that is a special kind of game.” I really love the depth of the review. It’s meaning … Weiterlesen

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2 Dreams Trailer

Support-Mail 2 Dreams is now complete (App Store) and ends with a grand finale.

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If my game would be a TV series it would have already been canceled

I am glad my episodical iOS game is not a TV show. It would have already been canceled. When I started work on my puzzle adventure “2 dreams” several weeks ago I kept risks small. This was just a little … Weiterlesen

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2 Dreams

”2 Dreams“ is an episodical, atmospheric puzzle adventure in the world of dreams. It’s available on the App Store now (in English and German).   There is the saying the hardest thing in making games is to finish them. I think that … Weiterlesen

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